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The division of space in the apartment will change your overall view of your previous living

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Dividing the space in an apartment is an essential part of proper living, and even more so if your apartment or family house is of smaller dimensions. In that case, you will also appreciate every centimeter of your privacy. If you sometimes argue with your counterpart, there is nothing easier than going to your own room. But what if you don’t have any such space? Then only the division of space in the apartment can help you.

Small apartment, big room

The apartments available 1 + kk or 1 +1 are small, but their only room is huge. Now you might be thinking that it doesn’t make sense, but you’ll soon see what we mean. Imagine an apartment that is 40 m2. Such spaces can be considered small, but when you convert it to a 1+1 apartment, then you will find that the apartment is relatively large. Or rather, his room. You can divide such a room, creating two smaller rooms. It doesn’t have to be division in the form of building a new wall. There are other methods.

Division of space in the apartment

The division of space in the apartment can be achieved in many ways. However, we will show you the main ones, which are among the most frequently used and proven ones. You can make the change, for example, by changing the colors. How about using a different color in half the room in a funny way? Yes, we understand that it’s probably not what you envisioned. On the other hand, it is the most economical division of space in the apartment. In addition, you can only combine two shades.

A curtain is an ideal solution

Another great solution can be a curtain. Install a rod from the ceiling, on which you will then hang the curtain. In case you want to be alone, you simply unfold it and you have two rooms in a few seconds. You then start to devote yourself to your hobby, while your counterpart in turn pursues his. A great choice for dividing the space in the apartment.

There are many more options

Of course, there are many more options. You can also use old or new furniture to divide the space in the apartment. The previous two variants are undoubtedly among the most widely used.

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