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Smart home: Automation for energy saving

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Do you know that smart technologies can help you save on energy? Home automation allows you to optimize energy consumption and monitor it in real time. In this article, we’ll show you some tips on how to do that.

Automation of heating and cooling

Smart thermostats: Allows you to regulate the temperature depending on your preferences and schedule. They can also automatically adapt to the weather and your presence in the house.
Thermostatic heads: They enable individual temperature regulation in each room.
Zone control systems: Divide your home into zones with different heating and cooling requirements.

Lighting automation

Smart light bulbs: Can be turned on, off and dimmed remotely, even away from home. They can also automatically turn on and off depending on the daylight and your presence.
Motion sensors: Turn on the lights only when needed, such as when you approach the house or walk down the hall.
Daylight sensors: Automatically regulate the lighting intensity depending on the daylight.

Appliance automation

Smart sockets: Allows you to control appliances remotely and monitor their energy consumption. They can also turn off automatically when the appliance is not in use.
Automatic shutdown function: Enables the automatic shutdown of appliances after the set time has elapsed.

Energy consumption monitoring

Smart energy meters: Monitor energy consumption in real time and allow you to identify energy-intensive appliances.
Mobile apps: Allows you to monitor and manage energy consumption from your smartphone.

Tips for getting started

Start with small steps: It is not necessary to automate the whole household at once. Focus on the areas with the greatest energy saving potential.
Choose compatible systems: Make sure the technologies you choose are compatible with each other and can communicate with each other.
Use subsidies: In the Czech Republic, there are subsidy programs to support energy-saving technologies.

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