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Do you have high cholesterol? Don’t eliminate fats, the healthy ones will help to reduce them

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If your diet often includes highly processed foods, such as various instant meals, sweets with lots of fillings and toppings, fast food, sausages, delicious salads, colorful sweet sodas and others, try to cut back. Replace them with fresh, primarily single-ingredient foods such as vegetables and fruits, white dairy products, fresh meat and fish, legumes, grains, and more. The best drinks are water and unsweetened teas, or even juices or fresh fruit juices diluted with water.

One of the first pieces of advice your doctor probably gave you when you were told you had high blood cholesterol was: Reduce your fat intake. We say yes and no. People who exercise less and have more fat in their diet can really have high cholesterol, and often do, but be careful, it is not desirable to completely limit fat or even try to remove it from the diet completely (which would not go very well with luck anyway ). You should limit your intake of animal fats and fats from fried foods or saturated fats from various highly processed confectionery. On the contrary, it is desirable to increase the intake of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

Pay attention to how you prepare food and how much fat you use. It is always better to cook, stew or roast dry or with a small amount of fat than to fry in oil or on greasy grills. Pay attention to the hidden fats in various sauces and dips.

Fiber helps to eliminate excess cholesterol from the body. Therefore, include more vegetables and fruits, whole grain products and flakes in your diet (for example, whole grain rye bread, oatmeal, you can also reach for a dietary supplement, such as psyllium). Fiber is also found in legumes and nuts.

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