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Don’t throw away, fix! How to give a second life to your small electrical appliances

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Nowadays, electrical appliances are becoming more of a consumer product. After a short period of use, we replace them with newer models, even if they could be easily repaired. The repair and maintenance of small electrical appliances is not only ecological, but also economical. In this article we will advise you how to do it.

Why repair?

Ecology: By repairing electrical appliances, we reduce the production of electronic waste, which burdens the environment.
Economy: Repair is usually much cheaper than buying a new appliance.
Knowledge: You will learn the basic principles of electrical appliances and gain valuable skills.
Satisfaction: The feeling of repairing your own appliance brings great satisfaction.
What can be fixed?

Most small electrical appliances can be easily repaired. The most common problems include:

Broken cables and connectors.
Blown fuses.
Clogging of filters and fans.
Worn mechanical parts.
How to do it?

Always read the operating instructions before starting the repair.
On the Internet, you will find many instructions and videos that will advise you with a specific repair.
You can buy spare parts and basic tools in hobby markets.
If you do not dare to repair it yourself, contact a service company.
Maintenance tips:

Follow the instructions in the user manual.
Clean appliances regularly from dust and dirt.
Do not overload appliances.
Store appliances in a dry place and at room temperature.
Repair and maintenance of small electrical appliances is simple and useful. Not only will you save money and help the environment, but you’ll also practice your skills and feel good about DIY repair.

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