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Bioclimatic pergolas: When you want to feel comfortable in your garden

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The garden is a place of rest, which everyone spends differently – taking care of the ornamental and useful garden or sitting on the terrace or under the pergola. Among the modern elements of garden architecture are bioclimatic pergolas, which have recently gained popularity. What do they offer and what are their benefits?

Pergolas as an important architectural element in the garden

Pergolas help to create a pleasant sitting area. These are simple buildings that usually consist of free-standing columns. In some older types, climbing plants are not missing, the task of which is to protect the place from the onslaught of the sun’s rays. While in the past pergolas were built mainly from wood, you can meet them in castle gardens, for example, nowadays the aluminum bioclimatic pergola is coming to the fore, offering the most modern solution for terrace roofing, by means of tilting slats.

Pleasant sitting in any weather

The terrace is a popular place for relaxation and it is no wonder that we can find it not only in almost every new building, but also in older family houses. In order to be able to spend free time on it even when the weather is not too favorable, it must be properly covered. Bioclimatic pergolas made of aluminum profiles protect the terrace from the sun, rain and wind. In winter, even before the snowfall.

The roof of the pergola is made up of a system of aluminum slats, which can be tilted up to an angle of 130° using the remote control. When the sun shines intensely, just adjust the slats so that pleasant air starts flowing into the seating area. The load-bearing capacity of the roof is up to 116 kg per m2, which is due to the width of the slats. The aluminum roof slats are protected from bad weather, especially rain, by grooves for controlled water drainage through a channel built into the pergola stand.

Pergola even for demanding people

The bioclimatic pergola creates a relaxing place for family and friends to sit next to the family home. In order for the feeling of intimacy to be perfect, it can also be equipped with external blinds or screen blinds. Built-in LED lighting helps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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