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The mystery box business has a bad reputation in our country. There have been several complaints

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Mystery boxes, i.e. mysterious packages with undefined content, are a popular product both abroad and in our country. However, some sellers abuse this.

Vasyl Fales from the company Disciple, which operates the Mystery-box.cz e-shop, says that unfortunately, there has been an increase in the number of shops with fraudulent mystery box packages recently, which lure customers with the possibility of receiving expensive items, most often electronics, for the low price of the box itself. In the end, everything ends in great disappointment, because instead of the promised expensive electronics, the customer finds a few unnecessary items for no more than a hundred crowns.

According to František Kotrba, many consumers complained about the impossibility of withdrawing from the contract and returning the package within the legal deadline, about the sellers not communicating, and about the fact that they received worthless trinkets in the „mystery box“ for which they paid a price of around one hundred crowns. Therefore, ČOI began to check whether some of the inspected persons are not violating the Consumer Protection Act, for example Art. § 4 unfair business practice and others, began to check the terms and conditions and also the authenticity of the published reviews. If the consumer already decides on this form of purchase, it is important that he familiarizes himself with the sales terms and conditions of the seller. Consumer awareness is key, and not only in the field of distance sales, he emphasized.

At Cheap Chains, they have not rejected a single complaint so far, and Vojtech Stiblo thinks that there would be no problem with a return. But so far we have not registered a single complaint about any mystery box, he notes. While on Lacnejšie.sk they directly state that each mystery box is unique and cannot be returned without giving a reason within a 14-day period, other sellers have no problem with this. As a company, Plaza.cz complies with all applicable laws and the customer can return the products without giving a reason within 14 days, with the only condition being that they must be returned in their original condition, in their original packaging, without damage, etc. Of course, it happens that customers already have the items that we select for them at home, or the contents of the box are not according to their wishes. Therefore, according to applicable laws, they always have the right to return the order. We handle all complaints without problems and delays, assures Vasyl Fales in the end.

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