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How to most effectively protect your savings against inflation

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Inflation is generally a long-term enemy of money, which causes it to lose its value = for the same amount you buy fewer goods and services than before. For a long time, it remained around 3%, but at the beginning of 2022 it shot up sharply, up to 18% (currently, as of 4/26/2023, it stands at 15%). This resulted in price increases in all directions, but also in the fact that Czech households began to work harder with their savings. The question is how effectively…

Let’s see together how you can not only reliably protect your saved money from inflation, but also effectively evaluate it.


Our advisers have at their disposal the KAPPKA application, which we developed at KAPITOL and which became the application of the year for financial planning in 2021. Together, they can find savings in your expenses and design the ideal family budget setting so that the plan takes into account all your current and future needs and wishes.

We have at our disposal a product portfolio from important business partners, thanks to which we can set up such an investment plan as to reduce the risks of the markets and the effects of inflation to an absolute minimum. What are the specific tools?

Supplementary pension savings – a springboard into the world of savings and investments, which is supported by the state in several ways.
Mutual funds – you can invest in high-quality mutual funds from all over the world from 500 CZK.
Repo funds – investing in mutual funds that deposit your money in the CNB (domestic banks also use this method of money appreciation).
Bond funds – thanks to high interest rates from central banks, bond funds are once again becoming an interesting investment opportunity.
Stock funds – by long-term investment in the most successful companies or interesting topics (technology, healthcare, climate protection, …) you can see above inflation and at the same time build assets for children, a pension or, for example, paying off a mortgage.
Precious metals – with an investment in gold, silver and platinum, you preserve the value of your money.
Real estate purchase – you can invest in a real estate fund or we will help you buy a suitable investment property.


Every decision has a specific impact on your family budget. And that is very important to realize. That is why we are happy to help you professionally so that you are 100% sure that the path you are taking to protect your savings against inflation is the best possible one.

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