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How to wash and store towels?

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If you like soft, soft and fragrant towels or bath towels, try changing something when washing. So that they always have the same color, fineness and softness as when you bought them, choose high-quality goods and take proper care of towels and bath towels during washing and storage.

Pay attention to proper hanging on hooks and dryers

If you hang towels on a hook or dryer, mold and bacteria will thrive in them and they will start to destroy your towels. Always hang them separately on the hanger and leave enough space for them to dry. In addition, be careful not to pull them out on the hooks.

Wash towels and bath towels every three days

If you wipe with towels after a daily bath or shower, it is best to wash them every three days. You will avoid smelly towels, bacteria and they will be hygienically clean. After each use, dead skin cells remain in the wet towel and are a breeding ground for bacteria that cause infections and skin diseases.

How to wash towels correctly

If you cannot wash stains from towels and bath towels, rinse the towels before washing. White spots appear even without the use of bleach, for example after cosmetic products for cleaning the skin, especially against acne, or from whitening paste, for example.

Do not put a lot of washing powder

If you add too much washing powder, residues can stick to towels and dish towels, and they then have a rough surface. Add an extra rinse. Washing in hot water is best, preferably at 60°C, as most bacteria are destroyed at this temperature. If the label shows a lower temperature, it is a low-quality terry towel. If you have an allergy sufferer at home and nothing helps, try, for example, antibacterial bamboo towels instead of terry cloth.

Use vinegar instead of fabric softener

Fabric softener softens and smells the laundry, but do not use fabric softener on towels. It binds to the cotton fibers and gradually impairs the towels‘ ability to absorb water, which is key for them. Fabric softener can also be the cause of lint formation and white towels turn gray. Instead of fabric softener, add vinegar to soften and disinfect.

Drying and storage of towels

The drying balls in the dryer will help you keep towels and bath towels soft. They will be fluffy, the drying time will be shortened and you will save on electricity. However, line drying in the shade outside is best. A wet bathroom is not recommended for storing dry towels due to humidity. Rather, store them rolled up in a wardrobe.

Be careful with ironing

Never iron terry towels and bath towels. By ironing, the individual stitches and loops are compressed, flattened and broken. The material loses its softness and ability to absorb water. For children, buy children’s towels, which have a nice design and smaller sizes.

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