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Aluminum as a solution for the roof and cladding of your home

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Every owner of a family home dreams of complete peace, savings and safety. That is exactly why we are all looking for more and more clever ways to secure our walls, roof and other parts of the property. What advantages does aluminum roofing bring?

A light but durable solution

First, let’s imagine the fundamental advantages that come with aluminum facades and an aluminum roof. In both cases, you will experience a very light weight of all used sheets/parts. This means that you will not unnecessarily burden older and less stable homes.

Despite the low weight, the aluminum covering brings really good mechanical and chemical resistance. It easily copes with typical Czech conditions – frost, heat, rain, strong wind, flying branches and UV radiation. What’s more, it will serve you without problems for decades and decades, basically without the need for maintenance (occasional cleaning is unavoidable).

The disadvantage is the fact that the tin roof is slightly more complicated to adjust than in the case of classic bags. If you plan to add windows in the future, for example, you’d better do it before laying the sheet metal. Be sure to pay attention to the slope of the roof.

Elegant appearance

Aluminum roofing does not have to look like a gray and boring piece of material. If you choose a quality supplier, you will be pleased with a wide range of patterns, shapes and decors.

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