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When is the right time to say goodbye to old pillows?

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Pillows are silent companions of our nights. They save our dreams, tears and joy. But over time, they become a haven for dust, mites and lose their original properties. When is the right time to say goodbye to old pillows and welcome new ones?

Signs of an old pillow

Loss of shape: The pillow is flattened and does not hold its shape.
Reduced support: The pillow does not provide enough support for the head and neck.
Lumps and Lumps: The pillow is lumpy and uncomfortable.
Bad smell: The pillow smells even after washing.
Worsening of allergies: The pillow makes allergy symptoms worse.
Age: The pillow is more than 2 years old.

Tips for choosing a new pillow

Material: Choose a material that is breathable and hypoallergenic.
Shape: Consider the shape of the pillow and how it affects your sleeping position.
Firmness: Choose a pillow with firm support for side sleepers and a softer one for back sleepers.
Testing: Try the pillow in the store before buying.

Caring for pillows

Washing: Wash the pillows regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Airing: Air the pillows every day.
Protect from dust: Protect pillows from dust with covers.

Healthy sleep

New pillows will help you achieve healthy and comfortable sleep. Quality sleep has many benefits for physical and mental health.

Sleep is an investment in your health. Treat yourself to comfort and support with new pillows!

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