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Veganism: Healthy eating or a path to disease?

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The vegan way of eating has been in vogue in recent years. In the desire for slimness, a healthy lifestyle or because of ecology and animal protection, many celebrities have also fallen for it. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few people for whom a diet excluding animal products has ruined their health. More and more people are giving up not only meat, but also milk, honey and eggs. Some actors, singers, and even top athletes used to performing great physical performance have also fallen into veganism. For example, sisters Venus and Serena Williams, F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton or boxer David Haye.

Those who hear about veganism have different reasons for it. Strive for better health, prevention of overweight, search for new tastes, fear of antibiotics found in meat, protection of the environment, and especially animals. However, vegan diet restrictions have their risks. Care must be taken to ensure that it contains all the nutrients that the body needs every day. For example, pure vegetable proteins are not as good as animal ones. They do not contain all the important essential amino acids in the right ratio.

The key is vitamin B12, which is found in meat, fish and cheese. It is important not only for blood production, but at the same time has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the brain, as it supports concentration and improves memory. Medical studies have documented dozens of hospitalizations of babies a few weeks old who were critically deficient in vitamin B12 due to their mothers‘ vegan diet during pregnancy. B12 can be supplied in tablets without any problems, but it is necessary to know that this substance is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. A lack of B12 manifests itself as a headache, low concentration, but also a frequent bad mood, which can lead to depression.

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