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Projection, production, assembly and repair of equipment for cement and limestone operations

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In cement plants and lime plants, the quality of machinery is a key factor for the operation of the entire company. Machines are under a lot of stress, they have to handle and endure a lot and serve their purpose for a long time. The Melkov company focuses on the design, production and repair of equipment in the cement industry. It is the successor of the company JV-servis, which has been active in the field of production and repair of equipment in the cement and lime industry since 1998. The company JV-servis s.r.o. was founded in 1998 from the former maintenance workers of the Maloměřice cement plant. The company provided production, service and assembly activities for Česko-Moravian Cement. In 2017, the name of the company was changed to Melkov s.r.o., but the business activity remained. Currently, the company is working on the development of its activities for other strategic partners in the field of cement and lime industry.

It has production facilities and machinery designed for professional production and service interventions. Her team consists of professionals with many years of experience. The company has many successful implementations and satisfied customers. The company focuses on several services in this industry. One of them is the production of spare parts for equipment intended for the cement and lime industry. However, it is also able to ensure production according to the sold documentation and provides machining, steel facing, welding as well as heat treatment and surface treatment. Another branch of the company is the repair and maintenance of technological equipment in the production of cement, lime and stone processing. The company focuses on transport equipment, pneumatic transport, filter equipment, crushing and grinding equipment and, last but not least, air handling equipment. Furthermore, Melkov ensures the production and assembly of investment units, prepares documentation, plans and implements production and preparation for assembly, ensures assembly itself and participation in commissioning.

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