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Paralyzed parrots fall from the sky in Australia

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A mysterious lory paralysis syndrome is again rampant in Australia, knocking parrots and other frugivores out of the sky. But the cause of this syndrome still remains unknown.

About 200 mountain lory parrots (Trichoglossus moluccanus) were found near the Australian city of Grafton in New South Wales, literally falling from the sky. Although the affected birds were quickly taken to rescue stations, according to experts, about 40 percent of them will die due to malnutrition and general poor health.

They appear to be victims of the still very mysterious Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome, which manifests itself in varying degrees of paralysis of the wings and legs of these beautiful parrots. The cause of this syndrome is still unknown, and it is not clear why this mysterious syndrome has now affected such a large number of lories at the same time.

Mysterious parrot syndrome
„This is a serious veterinary problem and a crisis situation,“ wildlife specialist David Phalen from the University of Sydney confirmed to Australia’s ABC News. „Parrots affected by this syndrome obviously suffer greatly and may fall prey to cats or opossums.“

The mysterious syndrome was first observed in 2010. At the same time, one cannot help but notice that it is a seasonal matter – lories fall from the sky mainly in December, January and February, i.e. during the summer in Australia. But the cause of this syndrome still eludes scientists. According to one of the earlier hypotheses, lories can get drunk on fermented fruits, but the researchers refuted this theory because they did not find any traces of alcohol or signs of intoxication in the parrots.

Thus, toxins or pesticides contained in the fruits that the parrots feed on remain under suspicion. Despite the efforts made, the cause of lory paralysis syndrome has not yet been identified.

At the same time, scientists report that Australian bats (genus Pteropus) – large bats that also feed on fruit – are similarly affected. Hopefully, the cause of this murderous syndrome will soon be discovered, which would enable the affected animals to be helped in a targeted manner.

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