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How to revive intimacy in a relationship?

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Sex is an important part of any well-functioning relationship. However, after a certain period of time, it happens that the passion starts to fade from it, and love partners do not have the same experience as it was at the beginning. If you have reached this stage and are longing to revive your intimate life again, we have some proven advice for you.

Don’t forget to cuddle
Stroking, caressing and caressing, or petting, can very easily create the right intimate atmosphere. During cuddling, the hormone oxytocin is released, which is often called the love or trust hormone. Its release increases the overall feeling of happiness.

At the same time, the hormone dopamine is released, which increases sexual desire. „It is dopamine that is behind the fact that for many couples cuddling is the ticket to unprecedented sexual experiences,“ points out gynecologist Renee Horowitz.

Irreplaceable oral sex
Most people experience the most intense orgasms through oral sex. If you are not confident in your skills, focus on it. Of course, what works for one may not work for another, and this applies to both genders.

But until you try it yourself, it’s hard to know. If you are perceptive, very soon you will find the most amazing technique that will literally take your counterpart to the heights. And don’t just stay at the bedside. You can experience passionate oral sex in places as unusual as classic sex.

An erotic film will awaken the right fantasies
Classic porn can be repulsive to many women and they will resist it. But there are films for adults that are tailor-made for women. Usually they are not just about sex as such, but they also have a story that can awaken the right fantasies in women. Thanks to this, sex with a long-term partner can be just as passionate as with a new one.

Even rejection can be beneficial
Don’t force yourself into sex when you’re not even thinking about it, just to please your partner. By learning to say an emphatic no when you don’t feel intimate, and conversely to visibly show your approval when you reciprocate the other’s desires, you will be much more readable and predictable to your partner and avoid bad sex, and therefore love without passion, which can do enormous damage to the relationship.

Erotic aids are great helpers
Bringing a woman to orgasm through classic sex can often be very difficult. If you want to play it safe, try a vibrator. As many studies have shown, the easiest way to bring a woman to climax is with the help of vibrating erotic devices.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in this direction. Try different types of vibrators, Venus balls, dildos, vibrating suction cups, womanizers, vibrating eggs, etc. You might be surprised what all there are that can enrich your sex life.

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