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How to optically enlarge a small bathroom?

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The lack of space in the bathroom can be a pain. However, even a modest space does not prevent you from having everything you need in the bathroom and doing it in style. If you don’t know how to do it, we have six practical tips for you!

Start with a suitable door
An important factor affecting the space in a small bathroom can be the entrance itself, i.e. the door. By using a construction case for sliding doors, you can save a lot of extra space compared to revolving doors. „The construction case is a construction element, a sheet metal pocket into which the door slides. The door leaf does not take up space in the room because it is hidden in the wall. Classic hinged door leaves take up approximately 0.6 m2 of floor space when open,“ explains Tomáš Pilský, innovation manager at VEKRA, the largest Czech manufacturer of windows and doors. Although such an area is not large, it can make movement much easier in a really small bathroom. In addition, the risk of injuries that could occur with the door open to the room is reduced. If you decide to replace the revolving door with a sliding one, however, expect major construction modifications. For a housing built into the wall, an opening twice as wide is needed compared to the classic rotating ones.

Look for the space in the wall
A certain amount of space is saved in smaller bathrooms by built-in galleys that blend into the wall and all the storage space is thus hidden in the wall. Even for this option, however, the bathroom needs to be prepared in time. „The advantage of built-in galleys is that they take up minimal space in the bathroom. Only a few millimeters wooden frame protrudes above the wall. In addition to the basic variant in white gloss, it can also be chosen in any shade of painting according to the RAL or NCS color chart,“ says Ing. Petr Blažek, director of Dřevojas, a traditional Czech manufacturer of bathroom furniture. The double-sided mirror door of the GRID galley can be conveniently opened with the help of stainless steel handles, thanks to which the mirror surface will always remain free of fingerprints. Immediately after opening, the automatic sensor lights up the LED diode lighting, the power of which varies depending on the size of the galley. Practical electrical sockets with 230 V supply are also included, thanks to which you also save a bit of valuable space.

Choose economical furniture
The size of the free space in the bathroom largely affects the chosen furniture. If we are struggling with space, it is good to choose not only narrower furniture, but also one that has less depth. It fits, for example, even in the very limited spaces of toilets, and at the same time allows you to hide the necessary little things. „For these cases, we offer a range of Door bathroom furniture with a small, but at the same time very practical cabinet with a sink with the characteristic name Mini, which together boasts a total depth of no more than 38 cm and a width of 50, 55 or 60 cm,“ says Ing. Petr Blažek from Dřevojas. Door cabinets can be purchased both in a version that has only one door, and also with two doors, which take up a little less space when opened. Inside there is a variable shelf that can be changed at any time so that even larger objects can fit inside. „However, if you prefer cabinets with drawers, we also produce economical bathroom furniture of the Go series with two drawers and Solo with one drawer and a characteristic headboard under the sink,“ adds Petr Blažek.

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