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Hair powder is becoming more and more popular: What is it for and how does it actually work?

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Perhaps every woman knows face powder. The one we want to tell you about today can also cover imperfections. But it focuses on those in the hair.

The clothes may make the man, but the hair makes the day. It’s not called „bad hair day“ for nothing, which means that if we don’t have good hair, we won’t have a good day either. That’s why it’s nice to always have hair that we’re happy with. At the same time, it is not only about their cut, but about their adjustment in general. Hair powder can help us with this.

What is hair powder used for?
The classic hair powder adds volume to the hair in particular. It is therefore suitable to use if your hair is frizzy or greasy. In addition to volume, you can also achieve matting with it.

It works specifically by pouring it at the roots, or along the entire length of your hair. Its particles increase the friction between individual hairs, thanks to which it holds the hair apart and creates that greater volume. It is suitable not only for women, but also for men.

Colored hair powder
However, what will surely interest you if you dye your hair is that there is also a specific powder for coloring it. Yes, indeed. Whether you have a classic color, highlights or foilage. You simply choose its color, which is your dyed hair, and if you have regrowth, you cover it with it.

And that’s not all. It works equally well to cover gray hair and is effective on thinning hair as well. In our gallery you can be inspired by which powders you can buy.

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